Let Us Build 93% Of Your Tax Lien & Deed Business For You

The only program of its kind that builds your real estate business for you while you're at work. The fatal flaw with Tax Lien & Deed Investing is the amount of time it takes to find a deal. The TFB shows you how to get deals with just 2 hour per week. Read More...

Learn The Rules Of Tax Lien & Deed Investing

So what happens when you DON’T Know the rules of tax liens & deeds? Well #1 -> you can fail, and lose A LOT of money. So make sure you watch this. I hear so many horror stories of people who don’t know the specific rules and it ends up costing them THOUSANDS in mistakes, […]


How To Stay Happy When You Suck At Real Estate

What do you do when you feel like you suck at tax liens & deeds, and nothing is every working out…?? There’s plenty of chances for success, even when all feels lost. In today’s video, Cory is going to discuss 2 critical things to do to get you through the hard times of tax lien […]


Using The GIS to find Property Addresses in Under 2 Minutes!

Have you ever struggled to find property addresses when looking at a tax lien or deed from the county list? I sure as heck have… Well…Struggle No More. Watch this new video from Cory One of the most frustrating things about tax lien/deed research is finding a good deal but having NO CLUE where it […]


Tax Liens & Deeds Versus Real Estate Investing. Which is Better?

I always get the same old questions. “Dustin, where should I start with real estate investing?” “I’ve heard wholesaling is the best form of real estate… Do you?” “Those Fix and Flip reality shows seem really fun, should I start there…” This is my answer to all those: I ventured out into the sunshine today […]


You need to follow the people that have done it right. It’ll give you the guidelines so you don’t caught in the traps! There’s no better time to get involved…people will always tell you what isn’t going to work. This is a prime time to get involved in this business!


Winnipeg, Canada

I just bid on a lot that was valued for $62,000, and my bid was $4,000. I have a good opportunity to make much more money than I make now. If you want to be independent and financially comfortable, you can do it!

Christine A.


Wow, I haven’t finished the program yet, but have learned sooooo much, and I already have studied other programs, so this is a great surprise. I look forward to more such programs!

Janet R.


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