Lessons Learned From Buying An ACTUAL Funeral Home…?!?

Yeah. You read that right. A funeral home has been purchased. And the creepy thumbnail below shows you a quick snapshot of what it looks like…. You’ve got to watch this! But I promise that’s not the best part. How much we paid for it is the BEST part, and Josh is going to reveal […]


Don’t Make These 2 Mistakes At Your First (or Next) Tax Sale!!

I cringe everytime I hear these 5 words…. And I pray you haven’t said these words before = “On Zillow It Was Worth….” …please don’t make this mistake. It can cost you your life savings. I don’t need to tell you the horror stories i’ve seen with investing in real estate. Almost 100% of them […]


#3 System For Exit Strategies

One of the biggest mistakes I see most Tax deed investors make in the field, is that they don’t plan for the purchase BEFORE they buy… And what the heck do I mean by that? Watch This: We’ve recently attended at least 11-12 sales where so-called investors were bidding up properties to MARKET VALUE, and […]


How We’re Going To Sell This NEW HOUSE Fast!

Does the thought of selling a property keep you up at night? Do you struggle to believe that YOU could sell a property fast? I totally get it, and that’s why we’re going to talk about How To Sell A House Fast in today’s video! We just bought a property and Josh is going to […]


3 Mindset Hacks To Use In Tax Lien & Deed Investing…

Scenario: You wake up, you roll over, hit the alarm on your phone, and instantly your day has started off horribly. You see the news, read everybody complaining about everything, and all the sudden you feel overwhelmed. How can you start your day off better? Cory is going to share with you his 3 best […]


I just bid on a lot that was valued for $62,000, and my bid was $4,000. I have a good opportunity to make much more money than I make now. If you want to be independent and financially comfortable, you can do it!

Christine A.


The sheriff just put the properties on a table and said take what ever you want! I ended up getting 20 acres of land for only $200.

Willie Marshall

Shreveport, Louisiana

Wow, I haven’t finished the program yet, but have learned sooooo much, and I already have studied other programs, so this is a great surprise. I look forward to more such programs!

Janet R.


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