What do you do for fun & to recharge? This is what Josh does…

It’s easy to get wrapped up in our work and become workaholics, especially being an entrepreneur in real estate investing. There are always counties to research, sales to attend…. Yet, what balances our life are the little things we do to refresh and stay motivated. Josh recently shared a bit about what recharges him, and […]


The FREE App we Use To Organize Our Tax Lien & Deed Data

Let’s be real here. Some of us STINK at organization and although we try and try, it always end up in pure chaos… Especially when it comes to data that’s really important. How many times have you missed an appointment, missed a call, or just straight forgot about a SUPER Important meeting or commitment? This […]


Why Tax Liens Are The Best Starting Ground

Tax Liens might be the BEST place for you to start in this business, and here’s why…. If making high returns on your money with interest, and you’re ok with your money being rolled over for 6 months – 3 years, making you 12-24% a year… … then it’s possible that Tax Liens are your […]


Why Do Liens & Deeds Go to the Tax Sale?

Do you know WHY a Tax Lien or Deed goes to a tax sale? Why would someone let their property be taken from them by the government? The answer isn’t always what you’d think…. In today’s episode of Tax Lien TV, Josh is going to walk you through the 3 reasons why people’s property goes […]


Beating Out The Tax Sale Competition

Have I ever told about how we use a super ninja strategy for beating out the competition in overcrowded tax deed markets? It’s VERY ninja, and very intelligent. I’ll let Josh explain: If you’ve been to tax sales, and have seen the overcrowded bidding at the big sales… … or if you want to avoid […]


I just bid on a lot that was valued for $62,000, and my bid was $4,000. I have a good opportunity to make much more money than I make now. If you want to be independent and financially comfortable, you can do it!

Christine A.


The sheriff just put the properties on a table and said take what ever you want! I ended up getting 20 acres of land for only $200.

Willie Marshall

Shreveport, Louisiana

Wow, I haven’t finished the program yet, but have learned sooooo much, and I already have studied other programs, so this is a great surprise. I look forward to more such programs!

Janet R.


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