West Virginia Tax Liens

The interest rate in West Virginia is 12% but there will be no interest received on an overbid. The redemption period is 17 months. Tax lien certificate sales are in October and November in some counties and follow competitive bidding.


Wyoming Tax Liens

In Wyoming, the redemption period is 4 years with an 18% interest rate. Most tax lien certificate sales in majority of its counties are held in July through October. The tax lien auctions are done through competitive bidding.


Washington DC Tax Liens

Both handling tax lien and tax deed sales, Washington DC has an 18% interest rate per year (1½ % per month) with a redemption period of 6 months. All tax lien sales are by competitive bidding but with no interest on an overbid.


Vermont Tax Liens

Vermont has an interest rate of 12% and a redemption period of 1 year. All of its tax lien certificate auctions are done by competitive bidding.


South Dakota Tax Liens

As of 2006, South Dakota does not conduct Tax Lien or Tax Deed Auctions. However, foreclosure sales are held at state level.


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