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Dustin New PhotoTax Lien Certificate School is here to provide you with accurate and authoritative advice on how to buy Tax Lien Certificates and Tax Deeds correctly. As you probably have heard, right now the tax lien and deed industry is growing very quickly. Many investors are turning to Tax Liens and Tax Deeds because they can be predictable and secure.

The challenge is that before people start buying Tax Liens or Tax Deeds they need to learn how to buy them correctly. Up until the last five years, learning how to get started in this industry was very challenging and good “how to” information on the topic was hard to find.

Tax Lien Certificate School was created to help people who are interested in Liens and Deeds get off to a start on the correct path. Through our books and video programs we offer beginner “how to” advice to advanced tax lien auction trainings for the most experienced tax lien investor.

Tax Lien Certificate school was founded by business owner and Entrepreneur Dustin Hahn. Dustin started investing in Tax Liens and Deed at the young age of twenty. Over several years of attending tax sales Dustin was approached by a local real estate group who noticed him buying property at a tax sale. They asked him to give a short speech to the real estate club on “How To Buy Tax liens And Deed” The presentation was a big hit and many people in the audience wanted more training and asked if Dustin would teach weekend workshop on Tax Liens and Tax Deeds.

In preparation for the weekend training Dustin pulled all his notes from his own personal diary of Tax Lien and Deed strategies that he had been using for years and created the very first “Tax lien Certificate School” training. This training program spawned the birth of all the book and training programs that are offered on this website.

Tax Lien Certificate School was created as a solution to the high demand of people looking for a great education in this industry.

Today Tax Lien Certificate School is a market leader in helping people get educated on the Tax Lien and Deed industry.

If you are interested in learning more about how to buy tax lien certificates or tax deeds please check out our program here.

Dustin Hahn