Total Freedom Business

The only program of its kind that builds your real estate business for you while you’re at work. The fatal flaw with Tax Lien & Deed Investing is the amount of time it takes to find a deal. The TFB shows you how to get deals with just 2 hours per week.

Price $397/month

No-Auction Deals

The most ninja Tax Deed strategies we’ve stumbled upon that will help you scoop up properties BEFORE the Sale, eliminating competition and give you the competitive edge you need to succeed

Price $797.00

ABCs of Tax Lien and Deed Investing

How to Create Financial independence with Real Estate. Take the book with you to the tax sales, and use it to succeed with Tax Liens & Deeds and grow your wealth!

Price FREE + $6.99 Shipping

Live Auction Training

3+ days, hands on training at a Live Tax Auction. Learn how to research properties, narrow down your list, bid at the tax auction and sell your property quickly.

Price $7,997

Live Tax Auction Blueprint

An in field video documentary training course where you get to look over the shoulder of our expert team as we enter a brand new Tax Deed market.

Price $797