What is a Federal Tax Lien Release?

Federal tax liens are imposed upon all the current property when one fails to pay the yearly IRS tax bill. These will remain intact until the tax debt which includes the interest and penalties are fully paid.

So as to have federal tax liens released, you have to get the current payoff amount. You can get a formal letter which states the amount through calling IRS at 1-800-913-6050 and inquiring about the payoff amount. When the total amount has been given, expect to receive a letter that will sent to you as total proof.

When the tax lien debt has been fulfilled, you can then file a Request for Release of Federal Tax Lien with the IRS. If you’re not able to, this can result with a tax lien remaining intact for more or less ten years. Just to note, this is not the government’s responsibility to release a federal tax lien automatically after it has been fully paid. It is your job as a taxpayer to do this.

When you have done filing for the correct paperwork, this would take around 30 days for the federal government to file a Release of Notice of Federal Tax Lien. Payment can then be made in check, cash, by approved adjustment, or even by submitting a bond which will guarantee payment within an assigned schedule.

When the IRS neglects releasing a Notice of Federal Tax Lien, the taxpayer can then sue the federal government. Take note though, it is possible that IRS employees can’t be sued even for the damages they caused by their negligence.

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