What is a County Tax Lien?

Taxes provide the government a way to get the needed funds to pay for the services that all the people in the county uses and enjoys. Without these taxes, a lot of the services the people depends on would not be available because of the lack of money to support the fees.

When a tax lien has been placed on a property, it will then be listed at the county’s next public tax lien auction. The taxing authority may be able to get the lost revenue from delinquent taxes by either offering the tax lien for sale as a lien certificate or as a tax lien deed.

Tax lien certificates give the property owner more time to be able to find funds needed to keep the property, by permitting another outside investor to pay for the tax debt, with understanding that the owner of the property will have to repay this debt with an interest at a scheduled time. If the property owner fails to repay the investor on that specified time, the ownership of the property will then be transferred to the real estate investor.

Tax lien deed offers the actual property in auction, with no waiting period for the highest bidder to take ownership of the property.

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