Woman Loses Home Over $6 Tax Bill…What!?!?!

Woman Loses Home Over $6 Tax Bill…What!?!?!You might think it could never happen to you, but that sad news is that it can.

This article in USA Today is quite a shocking one, if I may say. You should read it here:


So, the question is, what can we learn from this?

See, this is the line of where things can be very good, and also very bad, depending on how you approach this situation.

If you were an investor, looking out for the best for your pocket, you could easily scoop up this house, and make a HUGE profit re-listing it and selling it.

This would leave this woman homeless, and uncertain of the future.

BUT, i’d like to offer you a different way of seeing it.

What if you bought the house, with the homeowner in mind? What if you got this house,

with the intention of helping that widow get her house back, even though it was taken from her?

How would you actually help in an insane situation such as this?

Well, either way, her house is gone. She can’t afford to put up the $120k to buy it, so that avenue is out of the question.

What we can do as investors who want to create win/win’s, is buy that property, and use it as a rent-to-own scenario. So essentially, you buy the deed on that house, and you allow her to live in that house, as long as she keeps making payments to you, and when she has payed off the Lien (or the price you determined is a win for you profit wise), you can then transfer the property back to her.

And it’s compassionate, generous and you both win.

This way, some investor isn’t going to kick her out of her house because he wants to make a ton of money, and she gets to keep living there, making payments that she is probably already making, except now to you.

You can use this rent-to-own system with any of your properties (But make sure you actually have rights to the property, and you aren’t trying to collect money from someone when you don’t actually own it).

A simple change in how you think can make the difference in someones life, and I believe, create a place for better opportunities to keep coming your way.

It’s easy to get caught up in the selfish, money centered thinking, but we are dealing with people here, and we always need to remember that.

I hope this helps you see what were doing in a different light. It’s about the Win/Win scenarios. Remember that.

Thanks so much for reading today’s post – I’d love to hear your thoughts, so comment below with wisdom you took out of this, and share this if you think someone could benefit from it!

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