The Tax Deed Solution

The Tax Deed SolutionI wanted to write a quick blog post on Tax Deeds, and how they can be great for your investing strategies, and how you can overcome that icky feeling of buying someone else’s home and kicking them out to the streets.

Tax Deed Investing can give the best opportunities when it comes to profiting with Real Estate, whether that be owning land for holding as an investment, or grabbing properties for cheap and then turning around and selling them.

This especially rings true in today’s economy where homes are foreclosing left and right.

Now, I know many people have that dirty feeling of buying someone’s home who has been struggling and unable to pay their taxes.

I want to offer you this perspective. Imagine the government is going to take their home no matter what. They will loose it. Whether to you, or the big governments or big investors.

What you can do, is come in, buy their property at the tax sale, and then sell it back to them with monthly payments, or work out some sort of renting deal where they can stay in their home, and you still get the cash flow from that property!

Now, this won’t work in every instance. Some people don’t want the help, and that is something you’ll face when you face, but there are always ways to help others, and give people second chances, and that is why I love Tax Deed Investing.

If you’re not going to buy their property and give them a second chance, the government will definitely come in kick them out, or some not-so-kind high profile investing will do the same.

So Remember this: There are always ways to profit, and you don’t have to do it in a sketchy way.

I hope you get to finding some great Tax Deed Auctions this month, and hit the ground running 🙂

Thanks so much for reading today’s post – I’d love to hear your thoughts, so comment below with wisdom you took out of this, and share this if you think someone could benefit from it!

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