The Power of Intent and Focus. (Blog Post 1 in Series)

The Power of Intent and Focus. (Blog Post 1 in Series)So, whats with Intent and Focus…and why are they important?

Intent and Focus.

I can’t stress enough to anyone, the power of intention, and the affect that it has had on my life, and the lives of the people I surround myself with.
When you set an intention, or have something you desire to achieve, there is phenomenal power in sitting in that intention.

What does that mean/look like?

I’m not talking about sitting in your dark house all day, squinting your eyes and attempting to make your massive debt disappear, or trying to transform your Prius into a Lamborghini.
(Although, wouldn’t that be kinda sweet?!?)

No, I’m talking about knowing what it is you want, in specific detail, down to the last tangible item, how it will feel and just being aware of that desire/intention.

It’s about taking the time to sit down, and think about what it is you really desire – and not necessarily something specific (Although it can be), and writing it down.

Writing it in a notebook and keeping it by your bed, so that when you wake up in the morning you can read it over, and think about it for 5 mins.
And when you go to sleep in the evening, you can look at it and think about it for 5 mins, and be reminded of what it is your working towards.

Ex: Do you want to to increase your Tax Lien and Deed Profits by $10,000? Write that down. Write down what that will help you achieve. Write a list of how that will affect you – but be honest, and be deep with it. (Not – “I’ll be the biggest fish in the pond and everyone will love me.” But rather – “To live the freedom life I’ve been working towards.”

Or even how you want to feel – “ I feel content, and focused on everything I will achieve.”

But NOTE: You want to write it as if it’s true already.
Ex: not – I am going to feel content and focused.
rather – I am content and focused.

I know this will sound a little weird to some of you, but just do me this favour, and try it for 21 days. (I strongly suggest you start right now!)

Go buy a little notebook, and write down a list of what you desire with Real Estate, as well as how the best version of you feels, (as if the perfect you were to be sitting across from you right now).

Write it down. Set an Intention. And slowly, and surely, focus will begin to seep in. And you will begin to shift that terrible mindset that we all have when it comes to achieving.
Its an incredible thing.

More to come soon.

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