The Power of Being Ok. (Blog post 3 in this series)

The Power of Being Ok. (Blog post 3 in this series)Here we are!

The 3rd blog post in a series I’m doing on preparing the mind for the coming months. (I hope your still with me – and if you are…THANK YOU for sticking around :))

I wanted to start today’s email off with a quote I received in my inbox the other day.

“If one does not know that everything has its time, and wants to force things, then indeed one will never succeed in becoming concentrated–nor in the art of loving. To have an idea of what patience is one need only watch a child learning to walk. It falls, falls again, and yet it goes on trying, improving, until the day it walks without falling. What could the grown-up person achieve if he had the child’s patience and its concentration in the pursuits which are important to him!” ~ Erich Fromm
I love this quote, especially the part about patience, because I personally find it so difficult sometimes to be patient and peaceful about who I am, and where I am at in life.

We as humans spend so much of our time wishing we were something else, had something else, lived somewhere else, felt like something else – and it tears us up inside. The problem is that we believe its normal, and that is just “how it is.”

But let me tell you right now:
Thats not true.

We are ok. We are human. Our thoughts drift, and our minds wander to what could be. And we need to accept that. But even taking that a step further, we need to understand that the people that are truly happy, are the ones that own their current feelings and situations, and are 100% satisfied with whatever that may be.

The crazy thing, is that these are the people that usually end up becoming extremely successful, because their thoughts about what they can/can’t do become so irrelevant, that they will take risks, and live in a patient and consistent place.

Now – let me be clear on one thing. I am NOT referring to being lazy, doing nothing, and just hoping that everything will work out. (As my dad would say – being a hippy…)

BUT – I believe there is great power in that mindset of a “hippy.” And the more you talk to successful business people, there is that sense of, “If I lost everything today, I’d probably feel a bit down for a day or two, but then I’d start at it again, and I would be alright..”

We spend SO much time focusing on others lives, possessions and perceived feelings that we forget to take responsibility for our own situations, admit that we are scared and either ask for help, or push through the fear to achieving something.

It all starts with first admitting that we are ok. And allow ourselves permission to go against what has been somehow taught to us from birth.

Be patient with yourself. You are OK. You are incredible being that breathes, sleeps, arises in the morning, has learnt how to walk, talk, interact and connect with people (on levels far beyond what we can understand).

It’s ok to feel like your not enough and unable to succeed. But its not the truth. And somewhere we all know that. I feel it sometimes. Tom Cruise feels it sometimes. So does Donal Trump. It’s a human thing.

Just know that it is just a feeling. It’s not the reality. You can do whatever you commit to, and are consistent with.

Remember the image of the child trying to walk – Just be PATIENT with yourself 🙂

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