The Cheapest Outsourcing You’ll Find

The Cheapest Outsourcing You’ll FindImagine getting someone to proof read/read through your property letters to make sure they read alright. Or imagine about a couple of people making sure that the email your sending out to all your buyers is compelling for the buyers to need to buy your property? And what if they would do it for $5?

Well.. That’s for you!

Fiverr is a crazy website, where you can pay someone $5, to do just about anything you could ever want someone to do. Want some poetry read out loud? $5. Want a rap song written about Tax Lien Investing? $5.

Now, maybe those aren’t the most useful uses, but it never hurts. If you have something you need to do that you hate, head over to fiverr, and see if someone else will GLADLY do it for $5.

I’ve personally used this site for all kinds of different things, (editing, promoting facebook stuff, instagram stuff, photo editing etc.) and as long as you get a decent seller (look for ratings), you’ll be laughing all the way to Free-Time-Ville.

You may be able to chuck a couple of extra $5’s at them, and get them to do your property research for you if you are from out of town. And you never know what kind of relationship you could build with someone doing this. (You could start testing people to be a part of your team this way! I’ve heard it being done before :))

Head on over, check it out, and don’t waste to many $5 bills on silly things.

Thanks so much for checking this out – I’d love to hear your thoughts, so comment below with wisdom you took out of this, and share this if you think someone could benefit from it 🙂

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