The Buzz about Automated Business’ and Your Life. Part 1

The Buzz about Automated Business’ and Your Life. Part 1I’m not sure if you’ve been keeping up with all the talk on 4 Hour work weeks, or building business’ that work for themselves, but if you haven’t, I bet the idea sounds pretty intriguing, doesn’t it?

Well, I want to take a bit of your time and tell you what it is, but also what it isn’t.

What it isn’t:

It isn’t an opportunity for you to create something, then sit back, and never do anything ever again with your life. (AKA Being Lazy)
It isn’t a quick way to get some quick cash.
And it certainly isn’t a direct solution to your internal struggles.

Now, let me explain those points a little.

Building an automated business, or a business that works while you aren’t does take some start up time. It takes an investment on your behalf, to commit to making it work, no matter what. 

You will hit challenges, especially if your dealing with other people, and figuring out avenues that you are unfamiliar with. BUT – it doesn’t mean you should give up at the first signs of a struggle. Yes, it takes effort. Yes, it will take time to implement all the systems in place. Yes, it will probably make you frustrated to the point of SCREAMING at points.

BUT… It can also change the way you do life.

I remember back when I was first learning guitar. I started practicing for 10 minutes a day, getting so mad that my fingers wouldn’t do what I saw other famous guitar players do.

I would get super frustrated and not want to practice anymore.

Now, here I am, a few years later. I can do infinitely more with 15 minutes of practice now, than I could 5 years ago, and I don’t NEED to practice as much to maintain my current level.
BUT – If i want to keep growing, I could easily spend 2-3 hours a day practicing and improving. And this is the beauty of growth. It’s up to us.

Someday soon I will shift back into a guitar growth phase, it’s only natural. For now, I keep my guitar “business” running, and do what I need to to keep it strong and fluid for me.

The same applies in our Real Estate Automated Business’ (Or whichever business you choose to start.)

What ends up happening, is that once you build something like this from the ground up, you begin to prove to yourself that you CAN do it, and you CAN be whatever you want to be, no matter what people have told you you could be or not be your whole life.

You begin to get in a rhythm, even if its very slowly, and make progress, and before you know it, you’re pulling in cash from sources without having to do anything, except spending 15-30 mins a day checking to make sure everything is flowing alright.

Now, although building your own business won’t be a magic pill to solve all your problems, the character that starting and running one will be IMMENSELY valuable to you, beyond measure.

You will find yourself stepping beyond what you knew to be you, and grabbing hold of potential you never thought you have.

(FYI – You have SO MUCH potential, you just need to see it within yourself.)

So, as far as automated business’ go, they are doable. I’m gonna send you an email soon about specifics on how to get started with Real Estate Automation (cause I went a little long with this one…. :))

Stay Healthy in Body and Mind.

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