(Part 2) The Buzz about Automated Business’ and Your Life

(Part 2) The Buzz about Automated Business’ and Your LifeIf you’re into hitting the books and experimenting with this yourself, read on!

So we must first begin with an idea. Luckily, you’re reading this blog because you have some interest in Tax Liens and Deeds. So we’ll start there.

We want to focus on the least work that is necessary to bring us the most profits. (80/20 rule).
I speak a lot about Tax Liens and Deeds. The county preps all the properties for you, and basically hands them over to you on a silver platter. All you need to do is research, organize the information, see the properties, decide if its worth your investment, show up and bid.
Now, what if you could hire someone to find the properties lists in each county, organize them onto easily readable spreadsheets and sort them according to what you want to purchase? And then hire someone to go to the auction and bid for you? (If you’re an out of towner…)
Wouldn’t that make life easier?
Well, thats exactly what we use outsourcing for. You can hire a very qualified business graduate or hard working individual from the Philippines or elsewhere, interview them online and make sure they will fit your team. It is an affordable solution for you, and you are providing them with a great wage and a job that works for the both of you.
Like anything, start small with maybe a few hours a week, then work your way up to a full time employee as your business expands.

Once you get a system in place for capturing Tax Sale dates, numbers, property lists, and someone to file it all for you, you are free to focus on the things will profit you the most. (Remember the email on $10 vs $100 vs $1000 an hour work?)

Things such as choosing which county to go to this month, or where to invest through online auctions. Also things like spending time with your wife, kids, parents, grandparents etc.

Once you grow, and you begin to utilize the full potential of your outsourcing, you can begin to focus on bigger things, bringing in bigger profits, expanding and creating.

After that, you can form ground teams in the areas where you are finding your groove investing in. These ground teams can start out as 1 person, taking pictures of the properties for you, going to the county to check boundary lines, back liens etc.
Then once you grow more, you can add people that are carpenters, and roofers, and rehabbers to your team.

You can begin to grow a team of people that you trust or begin building relationship’s with contractors that you can send to properties. Ones that will fix em up nicely, having it ready to be sold. (Another revenue stream.)
And you can do this all from home.

Then if you get too busy, you can hire someone to take over the managing side of things for you.

See how it all fits together?

It is a journey from 1 outsourcer to teams of rehabbers. Possibility is there, and people are doing it all over the world.

How far you want to take it, is up to you. It will be scary at first, but just like everything, it will get easier. You just need to start.

I hope this reveals a little of the possibilities that are out there. It all starts with one tiny step. What step will you take today?

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more great blog posts 🙂

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