IRS Tax Lien Vs Tax Levy (Even I’M CONFUSED…)

IRS Tax Lien Vs Tax Levy (Even I’M CONFUSED…)It’s true. Sometimes all the technical jargon can really get me confused… even down cause sometimes it doesn’t make sense.

But let me try to to clear these 2 things up today for you.

Both these 2 terms have to do with your property but they have a different impact on it. And unfortunately, once they are filed, sometimes you can’t get them off your record.

These are the 2 ways the counties react in collecting back taxes from the property owners.

Some people believe that IRS Tax Liens are safer since they won’t result in taking the property from you.

This is their way of securing its interest in the property. It mainly hampers financing in your assets. BUT if a tax lien is filed against you, this will be seen by the creditors and will most likely lead them to have second thoughts about loaning money to you.

The second – a Tax Levy – is one of the scariest things that could happen to a property owner.

When it is filed against you, this will result in taking the property forcefully away from you.

This is an actual taking of your assets to fulfill your IRS debt. This levy can also command a bank to freeze your funds, your savings account, your retirement account, and the worst situation – even your salary.

This can result in losing everything permanently. Not a good thing to deal with.

So, if you have a tax lien against you, don’t let it get to the point of the government/county needing to put a Tax Levy against you. That is not a good situation at all.

Stay on top of your finances, and you will be alright. Just keep these things in mind when dealing with IRS Tax Liens and Tax Levy’s.

I’ll talk to you soon! Stay tuned for more great blog posts!

Dustin Hahn

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