Avoiding the Competition at Tax Sales

Avoiding the Competition at Tax SalesSo you roll up to Houston, and you are getting ready for the big Tuesday of the month, with properties flying at you and massive amounts of potential.

But what happens when you get there? There are 300 people all piled into the county room and you have no idea whats happening, and you get nervous, and people are yelling and you can’t hear anyone.

Does this sound familiar? Does it sound like fun?

Probably not. And I completely understand.

Now, I fully support going to Houston, because you can get some GREAT deals there, and if your patient and consistent, you WILL get those deals, but it can be scary at first.

This is why it is so valuable to start with the smaller counties first.

When you pick a county to attend you first solo Auction, pick one that isn’t a huge city centre, or well-know Tax Auction town.

Go on the outskirts of these major cities and see what you find there.

I’ve been to several smaller counties all over, and the pace of the auction, and the feel are just completely different. There is still competition, but isn’t nearly as big, and not nearly as abundant.

IF you do want to hit a big city auction, I recommend doing so with one of our trained coaches, with a bunch of other students, learning the best way to tackle huge amounts of properties in a day with efficiency and ease. (And how to manage bidding with 25 other bidders around you.)

One of my mentors would look at 2-3 different properties lists of counties on the outskirts of the major cities each time he wanted to go to an auction. He would determine which ones had the best chances of having a property he wanted, and then he would go to that auction.

There is still diligence to complete, but your chances of bringing home a property are MUCH higher when you hit a smaller city. (And It’s less stressful for those of us who are new at it.)

Hit a smaller county first. Get a feel for it. Then think about checking out the big towns.

Get out there and grab those properties!

Stay tuned for more great blog posts 🙂

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