What is Quiet Title and Why Do You Need It?

One of the biggest mysterious of Tax Deed investing is clearing up title, and figuring out title, and HECK…

…even understanding title and what it means…

Let Josh fill you in a little bit on it:

So here’s the thing: Title can SINK YOUR SHIP before you even get access to the tax deed property.

If there are liens on the property that don’t get wiped out, YOU are responsible to pay them when you buy the property.

1-2 times a month we get message from people who have bought a property and now the county is foreclosing on them because they didn’t realize that there was a $50k mortgage lien that didn’t get wiped.


Educate yourself on title, and what the difference is between A warranty Deed, Quitclaim Deed, quiet title, clear title etc.

This video could literally save you $50k on your next deal, and help you avoid TERRIBLE tax deed purchases, so watch it ASAP!


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