Watch This If You’ve Never Been To A Tax Lien or Deed Sale (5 Important Tips!)

Have you been to a Tax Sale yet? If not (Well, even if you have), there are so many important things to be mindful of, and in today’s video, Coach Josh and Cory walk you through 5 of some very key ones.

#5 is a ninja one that you’ll want to make sure you know about.

Tax Sales can be confusing not only when you are at the actual sale, but also beforehand, and heck…

… they can even be confusing before you even decide which sale to go through.

In this video, you’re going to learn 5 of the key tips that will help you take action today, and find a tax sale and start getting your feet wet in this business.

All you need to do is watch the new video above!

Like I said above, #5 is my favourite, so pay attention for that one, as well as #3.

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PPS: Now check out the 5 things to know if you’ve never been to a tax sale above 🙂

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