Understanding Online Tax Lien Investing With Bid4Assets

Have you every tried buying Tax Liens? Ever try buying them online using the county interfaces?
Well, if you have, you probably know how confusing it can be. But now it doesn’t have to be…

Watch The Video Below! 

One of my team members Cory, filmed this “Short” 25 minute tutorial on:

How the online bidding structure works, setting your max bid, and what to watch out for when finding a property.

The systems the county use to host their online Tax Lien Auctions can sometimes be SUPER Confusing, but Cory does a great job of breaking it into bite size chunks so you can take your time to learn it.
This video has a lot of content, so take your time with it, and go along with him on the Bid4Assets website to get a better feel for it.

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