Josh Shares His 2 Coveted Title Secrets, just with you!

One of the biggest stumbling blocks for new Tax Deed investors is TITLE RESEARCH.
How do you find out if there are back taxes? What if the taxes aren’t wiped? What are the 2 most important things to look for when doing title?

Well, in today’s video, Coach Josh reveals 2 of the biggest things he’s learned about title research. Check it out here:

There’s a very specific kind of deed that you want to be looking for when you’re doing title, and if you don’t have this very specific kind of deed, there’s a chance the attorneys/county didn’t do all the work….
… and you may end up owing more taxes on that property than you initially thought.

Check out what Josh shares in this video to make sure you have this type of property deed, and avoid a common pitfall of Tax Deed Investing.

This is something that we’ve messed up in the past, but not anymore.

After you learn it once the hard way, you won’t have to learn it again. Take our advice and learn from our mistakes!

Don’t make anymore critical Tax Deed mistakes.

Tune in to today’s Tax Lien TV Episode before it slips by!

Talk soon,

Dustin Hahn

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