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I have an important question for you.

Are you someone who suffers from taking action with your real estate investing? Never achieving those dreams of wealth and freedom?

When you wake up every morning, do you dread going to your job, hate the morning commute, or just flat out wish you were doing something else with your life.

But you just can’t seem to break free of your current situation?

Is your mind riddled with negative thoughts of self-doubt…with people saying things like: “Real Estate Is Dead. It’s not a safe investment. You’ll lose all your money before you even start.”

What if I told you that it wasn’t entirely your fault ? What if I told you that your current beliefs stem from YEARS and YEARS of previous negative talk?

You know the feeling when that negative talk and crippling feeling creep up on you the second you start to make any progress, and they shut you down.

And you get paralyzed.

The question is — is there any hope to battle through that?

The Truth Is That You Just Need Something To Help You, And The Total Freedom Business Monthly Is The Solution

  • “I just can’t seem to find the time to get anything done...”
  • “My life is demanding and I’m getting pulled in a thousand different directions...”
  • “I’m terrified of buying a bad real estate deal... I’ve heard so many horror stories....”
  • “I can’t lose any more money in bad investments or my wife will....”
  • “I’m afraid I’m not good enough to make this work...”
  • “I’m afraid of my family judging me for trying this...”
  • “I’m scared that I’ll make an error that will cost me thousands, if not more..”
  • “I’m afraid of doing this on my own...”

Whatever those thoughts are...

The Total Freedom Business is going to Give you Everything You Need To Succeed.

Just imagine that for a moment...

Just imagine that for a moment...

You find the perfect deal at the county sale. A 1497 sq. ft house with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and opening bid is $15,600...

It’s an ideal home in an up and coming neighborhood and you can tell that it’s totally a home run deal.

You find out all the comparables in the area, and the numbers look REALLY GOOD.

You call a realtor and find out that the neighborhood has been on fire for the past few months, with properties selling all around the one you’re looking at. It’s like a dream.

Not only is a great deal, but it’s a seller’s/hot market, so people are actually paying MORE than asking price, and you know this because your research is complete.

You’ve now gone out and driven the property and you are falling in LOVE with it.

It’s a smokin’ deal..

You get back from driving it and instantly start pulling title on it, and find out the title is basically clean, with only a couple of liens and back taxes for 2 years, totalling $3,256 that you’ll be responsible for.

You head down to the county courthouse on the day of the auction and you’re registered and prepared for an incredible auction.

The auctioneer starts the bidding on your property.

Tensions are running high... The max you’re willing to go is approaching, and there’s stiff competition..

But you know what you’re doing and you stand strong.

Going Once.

Going Twice.

Sold! You’ve just purchased the Tax deed dream...


But wait...

It’s Time To Wake Up.

You’re sitting at your computer, and somehow ended up on Facebook instead of the county website, and you’re wondering...

“How Am I Ever Going To Do All This On My Own?"

Maybe you decide to partner with some friends and family.

Maybe you end up purchasing a multi-family home, and it rents out for $3,435 a month.

Maybe you end up quitting your job and investing in real estate full time.

Maybe you get to spend more time with your family and friends and doing something you LOVE.


You’re still staring at your computer screen and you’re still wondering: “Am I going to call that county and get that property list?”

Let Me Ask You This... Why Don’t You Already Have...

  • Freedom in your current job
  • 2-4 Rental properties spitting you out residual income
  • Extra cash in the bank for emergencies...
  • A blueprint for success mapped out on your wall
  • A life of abundance, and not worry and fear...


It all has to do with this annoying little thing I talk about all the time:

Taking Measured Actionable Steps


As you are here, right now reading this, you are probably thinking: “I Don’t Know Where To Start...”

The truth is.... It doesn’t matter who or where you are.. Your ability to find success in real estate is directly related to your ability to find (or make) the time to take tiny, measured steps with real estate..

Every county phone call, every unasnwered question and every fear that pops in your all stems from NOT TAKING ACTION

I know that sounds counter intuitive... but it’s proven by science.

The more you are out there ACTUALLY Doing Real Estate Investing, the less time you have to focus on the fears and worries that steeps our brains in this business.

You know the fears I’m talking about... Some of them being:

  • Fear of losing all your money on a bad deal
  • Fear of failing and never being able to recover
  • Fear of ridicule and torment
  • Fear of disappointing loved ones
  • Fear of living the rest of your life in misery
  • Fear of being stuck where you are
  • Fear of never being able to retire...

These fears are valid, but they come from years of poor advice and not believing in ourselves...

I mean yeah, you can stay in your comfort zone, never take any risk and keep working the same job, feeling the same way, and always just scraping by at your current job


You Can Do Something About It.


But most importantly...


The thing that scares me the most is that:

You may NEVER know the answer to that question.

And there’s a chance you won’t know what you missed.

Is that really the life that you’re destined to live?

Here’s the truth. You can keep going down that path that you’ve been on for years already.

That path of jumping around real estate programs...hoping for an easier system... Not really taking any real world action.

You can keep stumbling, trying to find a ‘better way’ to invest in real estate, trying to find that ‘magic pill’.


You can build on top of my 14+ years of experience, actual investing, and trial-and-error, all of which I have weaved into this training.

You can trust in the expertise and experience that all our students expect and love from us.

You can join the community and family of those, just like you, who are already taking action... And you can, in fact.



You can join people LIKE YOU who are already taking action...

And you can, in fact...

Have Total Freedom



The Only Program To Build Your Business For You While You’re At Work!

This Program Is For You

Regardless of your level of experience with Real Estate or Tax Liens & Deeds You might have some idea of what to do... You may have watched all our Free Youtube videos, but yet when you come home at night you’re still procrastinating

The Total Freedom Business is for YOU if...

  • You are looking for the best possible solution to get REAL traction in tax liens & deeds today...
  • You feel you don’t have the skills to stay on track and succeed in this business.
  • You see all the great real estate deals OTHER people are doing and you want a piece of that cake!
  • You get stuck wasting time watching TV or doing thing OTHER than real estate because you don’t have the proper motivation and accountability.
  • You KNOW the next steps, you’ve seen all the videos, and what you should be doing... but you just haven’t taken action yet...
  • You are sick and tired of being where you, and are ready to take the next step to financial freedom and start building wealth the right way.

If you’re a Beginner, the TFB will...

  • Give you that Kick in the “you-know-what” to motivate you to get out there and take some education actions.
  • Supply you with the trainings and community you need to get you through the hardest part...going from Zero - 60 in your tax lien & deed business.
  • Hold you accountable, through the specialized facebook group and live training sessions, to make sure you’re taking the right steps forward!

If you’re Intermediate the TFB will...

  • Keep that fire lit under your but, so your constantly taking action, finding the right deals, and keeping track of all your steps so you don’t fail.
  • Get rid of all those pesky thoughts that creep up when you’re onto something incredible. It’ll also give you the community to ask all the questions that need solving ASAP. We’re here for you and your success.
  • Solve the problem that every investor has - Motivation and Time. With a virtual assistant for only $1-2/hr, you’ll be soaring above the clouds towards real estate success.

If you’re Advanced the TFB will...

  • Show you exactly what is possible in this business. We will be sharing in depth strategies and secrets that you can implement to keep moving up, profiting from bigger deals, and finding new markets, alongside us!
  • Continually challenge you to being a better leader, better investor, and better human. You’ll grow in ways you never thought possible, and your real estate investing business will drastically grow because of it.
  • Give you the tools you need to find the hottest deals, the most profitable markets and build the team you’ve always dreamed of to be making $250,000+ a year and beyond!

TFB Is Loaded With Value

check it out...

The TFB Training System $8497
Access To Coaches Every Month $2497
BONUS 1 - Live Tax Auction Blueprint $997
BONUS 2 - Tax Strategy Blueprint $897
BONUS 3 - Access To Auction Trips $7,997
BONUS 4 - Welcome Call/Strategy Session $497
Live Q&A With Dustin Hahn And team 4x A Month $2997
TOTAL $21,782

The TRUE VALUE of this Program is WELL OVER 21,782 DOLLARS...

I really wanted to make this program EASILY ATTAINABLE for you, even if you have not experience great success yet in real estate, and you’re NOT a millionaire...

If you’ve been following for any amount of time, then you already know our goals: To Help You Master Tax Lien & Deed Investing... My team and I care about your success...

Just imagine what your life and business would look like if you could:

  • Be buying and selling 2-5+ properties a month...
  • Be “netting” $5-$10k a deal...
  • Have peace of mind knowing you’re building wealth and a future..
  • Quit your job, or start working part time and focus on building something you truly desire.
  • Get rid of all that debt and actually start saving AND buying fancy new toys...

What would all this be worth to you?

Living life on your own terms, knowing you’re building something for YOU, and not building someone else’s dream.

How much would that be worth?


To be honest, if you're not using a superstar in this business, you're going to find it really hard. They can do at least 20 hours a week of work for you, calling the county and doing all the tricky research. I highly encourage you to try this total freedom business program. Get a superstar. It will change your life.

Brad N.

Dustin, since quitting my nursing job and going full speed ahead with my Tax Lien & Deed investment business, I'm finding that life isn't all about working and just trying to ‘Make It’! We've attended 3 more sales in the past couple of months. Thanks for putting it all together for us and for putting your heart and soul in it.

Kevin G.

We did our due diligence. We drove through all the interested properties, did title and lien searches, and got ready for the day ‘auction’....We set our budget for each property….It was a great lesson!


You need to follow the people that have done it right. They’ll give you the guidelines so you don’t get caught in the traps! There's no better time to get involved. People will always tell you what isn’t going to work. This is a prime time to get involved in this business!

Pierre from Canada

!I wish I could express how thankful I am for the Tax Lien Certificate School. On Saturday I was in the car with my son (9 yrs old), and we were talking about the lottery because he saw the sign. I mentioned that some people would rather spend their money on the lottery than on real estate. He wondered why since real estate makes more. I agreed. Then he said the best thing ever. He said: ‘The only thing that makes real estate risky is if you bought a house in the middle of the desert, but if you bought in a city, you will make money.’ I cannot express how this is already changing our lives. Thank you!



Path #1: Continue Running Away from Fear...

You can do nothing. You can stay exactly where you are. You can continue moving down the same path you always have.

You can stare at your computer screen or watch TV, thinking about how you wish you had more money.

You can watch people on the internet and message boards getting checks for real estate investing while you struggle to pay the bills.

The pages in your digital calendar will continue to turn, and before you know it, it’s already 365 days later.

You will live an average life, never realizing your true potential and eventually - you will feel like you’ve accomplished nothing.

You will look back and think about what COULD have been if you had just taken Measurable Action Steps.

A life of amazing opportunities and experiences, filled with challenges and hard work, but also with success and great memories.

You will ask yourself:

“Why didn’t I do that?”

“Why couldn’t I just get off my butt and take action?”

“Why didn’t I believe in myself, just a little more?”

But it will be...



Path #2: Find Total Freedom

BUT WAIT... because you are reading this, there is a second path available to you. This is the PATH OF ACTION.

This path takes wisdom, it takes courage, and it takes a desire to take MEASURABLE ACTION STEPS right NOW!

It’s been there, slowly whispering to you all along, and there’s only one thing you need to do: Look inside, TURN THE KEY, and OPEN THE DOOR to your Total Freedom!

On this path - you FACE YOUR FEAR!


On this path - you GET WHAT YOU NEED AND WANT!

This is the call of the strong

This is the path of the strong.

This is the path of the brave.


Currently Closed For Registration


“But Dustin, I’m too busy to Join the Total Freedom Business...”

I know, you have a job, you have friends, family, and responsibilities. But honestly:

What better thing could make time for?

If you’re not focusing on building your business, what are you going to do? Watch more Netflix?

Watch another Football Game or HGTV Show?

Flush time down the toilet?

The TFB is specifically designed for people who don’t have a lot of time. It was CREATED for YOU!

This can be done by committing only 30 mins a day, 4 days a week, if necessary.

If you truly feel that you don’t have time for this, be real with yourself and think about this:

“If i can’t find the time for this, and for building my future, what DO I have time for?

“Dustin, I want to join, but just not right now".

Hmmm...So when will be the perfect time to join?

Never. I can promise you that.

There is never a better time to start anything, than RIGHT NOW.

I’ve seen thousands of people put off taking that first step, and guess where they end up?


I’d really hate for you to join 12-24 months down the road, miss out on 1-2 years of growth and training, and be behind the curve. That would break my heart.

“Seriously Dustin, I just can’t afford the monthly payments”.

That excuse doesn’t work anymore. I’m sorry.

That is an excuse.

I know I spend money on useless things, things I don’t need at all.

If you truly want something, you HUSTLE for it.

Do a breakdown of all your monthly expenses and cut out the “BS”. See if you can work overtime. Get a loan from a trusted friend, and sign a contract so you’re DOUBLY accountable to make it work.

There are no excuses (for the most part).

You could just be honest with yourself, and admit this: “I really just don’t want to work hard for financial freedom - I’d rather coast by.”

And if you’re not willing to work hard, then the Total Freedom Business is not for you. Sorry.


If total freedom is what is whispering to you in the silence of the night or the hustle and bustle of the busy days…

Then don’t wait any longer.

Now is your time.

This is your day.


This is your YEAR.

Join The Total Freedom Business and change the course of your life, starting today.

I’ll be waiting on the other side, with my entire team and all my resources, to show you exactly how to succeed with Real Estate investing and how to change the course of your future and the future of everyone in your life.

Let’s do this.

Currently Closed For Registration!