The Reason People Don’t Take Action When It’s Critical…. [Daily Video]

Have you ever caught yourself searching the internet for that one last piece of information that will be the GAME CHANGER on how to do something rather than actually just stepping out and doing it?

Well, you’re not alone.

This is a serious problem with the human brain, and it’s called the Information Bias, and i’m going to help you solve that problem in today’s Daily Video.

The information bias can paralyze us into thinking we need MORE information and MORE guidance and MORE structure than we’ll ever actually be able to get before we start something new.

In fact, one of the only things that separates the most successful people in this world from those are aren’t, is one’s ability to look past what they don’t know and take action anyway.

I talk more about how this relates to tax liens & deeds in today’s daily video, so head on over to the blog and see how you can transform this information bias paralysis into something that actually helps you with just a few little tweaks!

This is one of my favorite subjects, so don’t miss the video right here:

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