The Future, Tech Jobs, and Getting Lost In The News

The Future, Tech Jobs, and Getting Lost In The NewsI wanted to take a minute and share with you some stuff I’ve been seeing this past week.

First, check out some crazy cool future-ish jobs here:

The reason I share this with you, is two-fold:

1. Its super cool…
2. It can sometimes be a little too easy to wish we were someone other than where we are right now.

I find I feel this way when I read the news, or see a cool futuristic movie. (I even felt it when i found the above link.) I am transported out of my experience in the moment, and taken somewhere different. (I know, sounds a little crazy, but essentially its just getting lost/sidetracked etc.)

Is this necessarily a bad thing? Of course not. We all love adventure. We all love to take a break from reality.
But it is very important to know, that living outside of ourselves, not accepting our present, will never be as satisfying and as whole.
When we talk about Real Estate, and Investing, we often place ourselves in someone else’s life.

Things like, “Yeah, well John can do it because he doesn’t have as hard a job as I do…” or “Suzie only has 1 child.. My 4 won’t ever give me a break to start this whole thing…” etc.

And I get those complaints. The complaints you have are probably VERY valid, and true. But let me tell you, focusing on the complaints, and focusing on other peoples ease, will get you no where. (And very often, other people wish they had YOUR life…)

The best thing you can do for your own future, is to accept where you are, and begin to make small changes in your life TODAY, that will free up, both your mind and time, to slowly prove to yourself that you CAN do whatever you want. It just takes practice, and consistency.

What steps can you take to be more present?

-When you wake up in the morning, just sit up in your bed, for 5 minutes, and breath. Even try thinking of what YOU want to do today.
-When you find yourself stuck in front of a TV, or Facebook, or Online News Articles, take a step back, shut off the source, and go look out a window, or go for a walk, or just again, breath.
-If you are married/in a relationship with someone, stop what your doing, and tell them you just want to look into their eyes for a little bit – Could be 10, 25, 60 seconds. Just see what happens.

You may find that the craziness of Technology, distracting news and overall chaos seems to fall away for a bit.
Give it a try!

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