Missouri Tax Liens

In Missouri, the interest rate would be 10% on the penalties and taxes owed where a bidder can bid more based on how much you would pay for the actual property. However, the winner will not receive any interest on the overbid. Note that taxes paid will get someone to earn around 6% rather than […]


Mississippi Tax Liens

Interest rate in Mississippi is definitely a favorable 18% with a redemption period of 2 years. Tax lien sales are held on the last Monday of August. Though it also uses competitive bidding, the overbid’s amount will not be reimbursed and the interest will not be earned on its overbid amount.


Maryland Tax Liens

Maryland has an interest rate of 6% to 24% and varies on each county. The redemption period could be 6 months up to 2 years as each of the counties have varied rules. Competitive bidding is also used in tax lien certificate auctions.


Louisiana Tax Liens

Louisiana is considered one of the best states to invest in tax lien certificates. Its interest rate is 12% plus a penalty of 5% which totals into 17%. The redemption period is 3 years and the tax lien auctions are dependent on Parish. The sales are through competitive bidding based on interest rate.


Kentucky Tax Liens

The interest rate in Kentucky is 12% while the redemption period is 1 year. The tax lien sale schedules may vary depending on the county itself but all the sales are won by competitive bidding on the interest rate.


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