Tax Lien Certificate School is Now MODERN REI! (And Still Awesome!)

Big News everyone! We made the decision to rebrand Tax Lien Certificate School into something new, something better, and something devoted to bringing you more real estate content daily, and more topics to be covered!

We are now ModernREI!

As Modern Real Estate Investors, we believe in having all the tools in your toolbelt to do real estate with, including tax liens, tax deeds, wholesaling, fix and flips and every other kind of real estate!

In this new season, we are hosting daily LIVE training on this page, a brand new podcast, and all kind of goodies coming your way.

Here are a few of the places you can find us:

Instagram: @themodernrei
Youtube: ModernREI
Podcast: The Wholesaley Daily Show (

We are excited to continue on this journey with you, and hope you stay tuned and hold on tightly for the ride!

Talk soon,

PS: Don’t worry, we’ll still be talking about Tax Liens & Deeds as well on our youtube channel and live videos. Let’s Keep 2019 going strong!

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