Useful Tips for Tax Lien and Deed Investing

Tax Lien and Deed investing is a business and you should treat it as such. Make sure to have plans and goals so that you are always on your right track. In this article I will help you make your business start and end it right. These are the things that you need to remember: […]


Are Tax Liens and Deeds Really Profitable?

Is Tax Lien and Deed Investing a real thing? Can I really make money out of it? This might be the questions that you want to ask after you’ve heard about this. And I will tell you that.. Yes, it’s a real thing! I’ve known lot of people who started this strategy in investing and […]


Why Tax Deed Investing is Deliciously Good! 🍗

Tax deed investing can give better results compared to other strategies in investing. It’s true. Let me continue on for a couple minutes 🙂 There is a High Profit On Investment Compared to other strategies of investment, Tax Deed can range anywhere from 10 to 90 percent returns, depending on where you buy and when […]


Texas HOA Tax Deed Fees. What Do They Mean?

So i’m sure you’ve heard about HOA Fee’s, and got completely confused by them. Well in today’s video, Cory and Josh take you through what they mean in Texas, and how you can use them to your advantage. HOA fee’s can be confusing, because they aren’t actually part of the official “Tax Deed” style of […]


You need to follow the people that have done it right. It’ll give you the guidelines so you don’t caught in the traps! There’s no better time to get involved…people will always tell you what isn’t going to work. This is a prime time to get involved in this business!


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