EP070: Building Buyers Part 2… Using PROPSTREAM Effectively

So the past 2 days have been a mega learning curve for me, using PROPSTREAM to find buyers, and finding the best ways to contact them efficiently. How I wish they would just fall in my lap, but alas, that isn’t always the case. You gotta work hard, AM I RIGHT?!?! HA! Let’s chat today […]


EP069: Buyers Buyers Buyers. The Where, What & How!

We’ve all been there, trying to find buyers, getting lost in all the latest and greatest tricks, posting properties all over the map… But what has been working for me is something a little more simple. Let’s chat about how to scale it back and get back to our grassroots and find buyers that are […]


EP068: Negotiations and The Little Trick To Get The Lowest Price (Without Being A Jerk)

What happens when you throw out wild numbers to sellers that are completely outrageous? WHO KNOWS! It could turn into something good, or it could be really bad. But luckily today it turned out good for us, as we attempted to negotiate a little bit of a boo boo down from $50k to a $15k […]


EP067: Postcards! What’s Been Working and What We’ll Be Doing Differently…

So we’ve been chatting about our recent postcard experience with the BLIND postcards, and the stats have been INSANE.. but there is a downside to all that… …And we want to talk about that, and what our plan is moving forward for our postcard game, how to find motivated sellers more efficiently, and what you […]


EP066: The Best CRM to use For Wholesaling Real Estate. SERIOUSLY!

Alright, we’re gonna harp on it again, but in today’s episode, we want to fill in all you investors out there looking to up your game, on the best CRM Platform we’ve ever used for Managing your entire wholesaling business… Hopefully, it’s no surprise to you, but we’re talking about the BEAST MODE CRM. This […]


You need to follow the people that have done it right. It’ll give you the guidelines so you don’t caught in the traps! There’s no better time to get involved…people will always tell you what isn’t going to work. This is a prime time to get involved in this business!


Winnipeg, Canada

I just bid on a lot that was valued for $62,000, and my bid was $4,000. I have a good opportunity to make much more money than I make now. If you want to be independent and financially comfortable, you can do it!

Christine A.


Wow, I haven’t finished the program yet, but have learned sooooo much, and I already have studied other programs, so this is a great surprise. I look forward to more such programs!

Janet R.


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