Are You Falling Into The Social Media Trap?

I know the New Year is now in week 2 of it’s fruition, so I wanted to ask you, how is it going?

Are you making progress the way you hoped? Are you focused on the things you want to be focused on?

I know for me it’s always challenging to make it past that second week, so I wanted to check in with you in the latest episode of Tax Lien TV:

It can be hard to know what to focus on these days, with Facebook, twitter, Instagram and email all on our phones, it can very easily wreck our focus and motivation, especially in the mornings.

Is the first thing you’re doing in the mornings rolling over and checking your phone? Or is it another vice? Such as spending hours on your iPad or Laptop watching TV shows or Youtube videos?

Have you fallen for the Social Media Time Trap?

Social media can very POWERFUL and GREAT, but it can also steal us away from doing the most important things we KNOW we need to be doing.

See you in the video


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