Pulling Accurate Comps Without A Realtor (Or The MLS!)

Have you ever been trying to determine the value of a property before the tax sale but just can’t seem to get the right numbers?

What about all the different “Free” real estate websites out there that all say different things… How can you sort through all the junk and get an accurate comp? (Watch Below!)

Truth is, there is a way to pull accurate comps WITHOUT a Realtor, you just have to be very smart and diligent about the way you approach it.

Josh, one of our top coaches has been using 5 websites to pull comps from when we are determining property value in California, Texas and Pennsylvania.

Learn his secret method here:

Josh took a little weekend getaway when he was in California and filmed this great episode of Tax Lien TV for you all about Pulling Comps Without a Realtor (or Without Using the MLS).

As investors, especially when we’re starting out, we don’t always have access to the specialized tools (MLS) to assist us along the journey – which forces us to find alternative methods to doing what needs to be done.

In today’s video you are going to learn exactly what Josh does to get COMPS accurately and quickly.

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