EP054: A $122k Property for Only $22k? BUT HOW?

So how did we end up getting a $122,000 property for only $22k? Let’s chat about it on today’s episode. This one was of our favorite deals so far, and we may have found an INTENSE List that will be a game changer for our wholesale business.                 […]


EP053: Getting Your A%S Kicked By Wholesale Real Estate? You Need To Hear This…

If you feel like your getting your butt kicked by wholesaling real estate, or you’re having an off day, this is designed for you. Let’s chat about RESILIENCE and how that is built and how it can change the game for you.                   You can also Subscribe […]


EP052: Are You A Real Estate Seminar Junky? Listen to This If You Are…

If you find yourself hopping from seminar to seminar, from real estate program to real estate program, then this could be the most important podcast you listen to all year.                   We talk about: – The problem with the “real estate seminar junky” syndrome, and how it’s […]


EP051: 5 Ways To Ruin Your Wholesale Real Estate Deals

Word is that we’ve made a few real estate mistakes in our day, and we’ve uncovered the top 5 mistakes we’ve made, so you don’t need to make them. Tune into today’s episode to save yourself some painful mistakes.                   In Today’s Episode, We Talk About: – […]


EP050: Real Estate Investing VS Amazon & Ecommerce. Which is better?

So what really works better? E-commerce, Amazon or Real Estate Investing? And which one is more stable, has cheaper upfront costs and will make you more money long term?                   Let’s chat about: – The Pro’s and Con’s of E-commerce Business’ Versus Real Estate Investing. – The […]


You need to follow the people that have done it right. It’ll give you the guidelines so you don’t caught in the traps! There’s no better time to get involved…people will always tell you what isn’t going to work. This is a prime time to get involved in this business!


Winnipeg, Canada

I just bid on a lot that was valued for $62,000, and my bid was $4,000. I have a good opportunity to make much more money than I make now. If you want to be independent and financially comfortable, you can do it!

Christine A.


Wow, I haven’t finished the program yet, but have learned sooooo much, and I already have studied other programs, so this is a great surprise. I look forward to more such programs!

Janet R.


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