Missouri Tax Liens

Tax Lien Sales MissouriIn Missouri, the interest rate would be 10% on the penalties and taxes owed where a bidder can bid more based on how much you would pay for the actual property. However, the winner will not receive any interest on the overbid. Note that taxes paid will get someone to earn around 6% rather than 10%.

The redemption period would be 1 year on the 1st and 2nd offerings while 90 days on the 3rd offerings. The tax lien certificate sales are always held in August, usually on the 4th Monday.

Missouri also mixes tax lien and tax deed certificate sales in 1 sale every year. St. Louis has its own tax deed sales while Jackson County has 2 tax deed sales – 1 for the Eastern part and another for the Western.

All Tax Sales are through competitive bidding but one can only earn an interest on the taxes owed amount. If somehow the property owner does not redeem, one can then claim the property with his bid amount.

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