What To Look For When Rehabbing A Property [Property Walkthrough Video]

What does the inside of a freshly purchased house from a Tax deed auction look like?
See inside one our recent purchases here.

We’ve picked up a couple of great houses last month, and my team wanted to shoot some videos of things to look out and keep in mind when looking at properties.

…they also wanted to help you learn how to inspect properties post purchase, so check out this video:

In this week’s Tax Lien TV episode, Dory walks you through our Elmwood property that we just picked up a property, and shows you exactly what is great about it, and the things that we’ve noticed that needs work.

He also shares some valuable insights into how the little things you see in a house can help you determine the house’s story, and what that means for the rehab and future renters.

Keep an eye out for:

I’m excited for you to watch the video above!

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