Live Tax Deed Sale Questions & Answers

Here’s the truth – I totally forgot about releasing the Q & A video that the talented Josh & Cory filmed after their amazingly attended, epic, live training call!

So, first, you have my apologies! Second, you have your video with your answers right here:

This video is from 2 back to back calls on the weekend and the kind words and attendance for them was just fantastic.

I always love hearing how much people love these calls, and the value they get out of them. It’s truly fantastic.

There were some pretty detailed, and also very intense questions that were asked on this call, so you should definitely head over and watch the video asap so you can get your answers!

One of the questions was personal to our business finances and what kind of returns we are getting – but Josh delivered a fantastic response to it!

OH – And Josh also gives away a VERY Secret tip that we normally only tell our best students, so you’ll want to check it out to make sure you catch that 🙂

A lot of the questions are in regards to live auction and training, so if you would like more information about that, don’t forget to apply for an upcoming trip (It’s a free application process and phone call) and see if it’s a good fit for you!

Talk Soon!


PS: I sent out an email yesterday, and we are fast approaching the limit to people we can take on the auction, so if you are on the fence, fill out an application anyway, and we’ll hold a spot for you, just to be safe!

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