Talking To The Neighbors. The Secret Tax Deed Code?

So what happens when you get to a property at a Tax Deed sale and you look at it, but you still know nothing about the property?What if there was a way for you to get serious insight into the property and up to date info on whats going on with it?

Well, check this out:

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In this video, Kevin and Josh share with you what happened when they approached a few home owners NEXT to a property that was up for sale at the most recent Tax Deed sale.

I haven’t heard of anyone doing this yet, and the info Kevin shares is absolutely ESSENTIAL to bidding at the tax sale.

This stuff is brilliant, cutting edge, and so freaking simple.

This is another short video that you can finish in a few minutes, but oh so very powerful.

You can also get a feel for the questions that he asked, and all he great info he found out about the property our team was looking at.

So go ahead and check out this video as soon as you can, and learn how a few questions can give you an incredible edge when it comes to investing in Tax Deeds.

Dustin Hahn

PS: Seriously, this video is too good, and only 2ish minutes, for you to miss it. Check it out right now.
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