Investing In Florida

Are you thinking about investing in Florida? Do you know the specific rules that separate Florida from other states to invest in? Because it’s not quite the same….

And I want you to be as well educated as you can be for this state, so let me tell you about them here:

Did you know that in Florida, they have Tax Lien AND Tax Deed sales?

Well, it’s true – and this can cause a lot of problems to new investors who don’t understand how it works – In Fact, it can be extremely discouraging and put a giant damper on your progress in Tax Lien and Deed Investing…

…Should you make a mistake…

YET – If you know how to invest in Florida, you can make some pretty great profits, as they have a HUGE inventory of Tax Liens & Deeds moving throughout the auctions.

There are also some very key things about Florida’s interest rate that you have to know if you’re going to invest successfully in Florida.

In today’s video, I’m also going to share with you my methods for starting an LLC, and why that’s necessary for you in this business.

I know there can be a lot of confusion around the subject on when to start an LLC, IF you should start an LLC etc etc.

I also talk a bit about getting a Business bank account and what to do if you’re an investor from outside of the US, so be sure to check today’s video out and see what you’ve got to get before you can open your US Bank account!

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