Why You Need To Be Investing In Smaller Counties

Can you imagine buying 2 houses for only $6,000…And already having a renter in it handling the cost?

Brad’s found the BEST Deals:

With crowded cities, Tax Deed investing can often get discouraging, as it’s tricky to fight the competition, and the deals just run out, and get bid up WAY too high…

But that didn’t stop Brad from heading to the places no one was looking.

Listen carefully to this video to find out the strategy that Josh and Brad use to determine if a county will be over saturated, and how to find the BEST deals out there.

They drop some SERIOUS tips in this video, and a strategy that you’ve GOT to start implementing as soon as you can.

Let me know what you think of their knowledge, and share this post with someone who needs to know how powerful these investments are!


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