It’s impossible to call the county and get information…

I’ve gotten emails where people think that they simply CAN NOT get the information they need…

And maybe they are right….

But in my experience, I KNOW they are wrong… And Cory made a video about just that topic!

If you’ve ever felt like something was holding you back from doing the things you know you need to, or it was just SO hard to take that next step in the tax lien & deed business… you’re not alone.

Myself, Josh, and Cory struggle with forward motion in life, because we are human… But that doesn’t have to stop us…Especially when it comes to investing in tax liens & deeds.

I don’t want you to hit roadblocks and give up and lose focus because it gets tough.

I want you to succeed in this business, and I know you can!

Watch the video above and we’ll chat soon.


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