How To Get A Good Look Inside Tax Sale Properties

Sometimes you just can’t see inside a tax deed house, and you don’t really know the condition of it… which makes it dangerous for your money…

And in our books, it’s a big NO NO if you’re looking to create an accurate MAX BID for the tax sale.

What if you had a toolbox of tools you could use to look inside properties? Josh is going to give you the HAMMER for your toolbox in today’s video:

QUICK TIP: We don’t ever buy a tax deed property unseen, so it’s very important to us to get to the property and do our best to get a really good look at the whole thing.

Sometimes we can’t see in it, but often we’ll do everything we can to make sure we get an accurate estimate of what the condition is, so we can determine how much we are willing to pay at the tax sale.

Let’s let Josh share with us one of the tricks he recently used to see inside a perfectly looking house on the outside, and how seeing the inside gave him VALUABLE information about the property.

This video will add to your Tax lien & deed toolbox, so check it out now before life gets in the way. (It’s a quick one!)

Talk soon,

PS: We’ve got a really great week coming up soon, and i’ll explain it next week, but for YOU, it means A LOT OF great content heading your way, so stay tuned 🙂

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