How To Find The County Tax Sale List Effectively


Well, how is it done?

I’m guessing you’ve been sitting at home, with a coffee by your side, combing through internet websites just straight up struggling to find that ELUSIVE county Tax List.

Heck, you may have even struggled to find a county Phone number or Website.

But Not after today’s Video. Watch ABOVE!

In today’s episode of Tax Lien TV, Cory walks you through how to use a great tool called in order to find:

I know how much of a pain it can be to find that dang county info, and especially the website, and the Tax Sale List, so today’s video will help with just that!

Even with today’s video, it can still be tricky sometimes to find the county list, so don’t forget you can always resort to your Tax Lien + Deed directory to get the county phone number and call the county to find out exactly how to get the list.

Especially if you can’t find it online.

I hope you get some great takeaway’s from today’s lesson. Be sure to share it with people who need it!

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