EP063: How to Communicate Better In Real Estate and Live With Extreme Ownership

If you have a virtual team, you need to be 3x more communicative

than a team that is in an office, but what if you only have 1 other team member?

Is communication still important? And how can you better reach your people,

give them tasks and make sure they are doing it correctly?

Let’s dive into that and also these awesome things:

  • The big mistake I made that week that could have cost us thousands of dollars…
  • The idea of EXTREME OWNERSHIP and how that plays in out to help you build your business more effectively, and bring in more profits…
  • Why all business, problems, and solutions come back to YOU and how you can be the best real estate investing, leader in your business and how that translates into your personal life.

Let’s chat about it today!

PS: Here’s some of what we chatted about in today’s episode:

  1. Extreme Ownership – READ THIS BOOK!
  2. Beast Mode CRM – The Best tool I’ve used to manage our real estate investing deals. Check it out!

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