Handling Negativities and Haters In Life

Are you facing negative thoughts, or haters right now as you start working on your real estate business? Are there people saying to you that house flipping is a scam or real estate business in general is not a good business?

Are they telling you that you can’t do it even if you fully believe in yourself that you can do it?

Well, I created this article for you.

I just want you to know that negativities are inevitable. No matter how loving we are towards others, there are still people out there who are cruel and full of hate.

Let me tell you, DO NOT PAY ATTENTION TO THEM!! It’s not about you. It’s all about them.

So if you’re not yet experiencing those negativities or hates in your life, just wait..it’s on its way!

But don’t be afraid!! I want to tell you these things so that whenever you encounter those negativities, or if you’re encountering it right now, these are the things that are helpful for you not to be shaken with negativities or hates.

Get Excited
Whenever you are experiencing challenges, craziness, or negativities in the middle of the deal and at the end of the day, consider it as an opportunity to get yourself excited because that only means that your good deal is on its way to you.

Remember that in every missed opportunity is not really a missed opportunity at all. There’s a reason behind for everything. It’s just pushing your buttons to be more expectant of the good to come.

Don’t convince yourself of those lies that you suck and there’s no more good deals for you. That’s not true!! Instead, convince yourself that good things are just around you. And your good deals are coming on your way. So get excited about it!

I’m serious about it! Hurt people, hurt people. This is the very reason why they act like that to you. It’s not about you when they hurt you, but it’s about them. They can’t contain the pain inside so they wanted to project it to others. Those negativities and hates they are throwing to you are just a mirror of what they have inside.

So, instead of taking it against yourself protect yourself by not accepting and not believing all those negativities. Praying for that person will greatly help in shielding yourself.

Stop Pleasing Others
It’s innate in our human nature to make other people happy. But according to studies humans are terrible predictor of their own happiness. That means that if you are trying to please people you can never hit that goal because people always expect more. People never get satisfied.

Don’t use your money just to please people. Run your own race and focus on your own goal.

Don’t do the business just because you want to prove to people that you can be successful.

You’re still in that idea of pleasing them. Do your best because that’s what you think you deserve for yourself.

Study Greatness
Learn from those people who encounter lots of negative experiences yet succeeded. And all those who succeed are not excused with negatives and hates, and that makes them great!!

So in doing real estate investing, get a mentor who did great in this industry. There are bunch of successful people in this business. Learn from how they made it. With that being said, you are on your way to your success too.

Right now if you are looking for a mentor who can help you through the process,and be successful because you deserve it..don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’ve helped lot of starters already and we see that they are enjoying the process and success they are experiencing, and we love to see it happen to you too.

Talk soon,


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