EP015: 🛠Firing Contractors….Or Better Yet How To Avoid Getting To That Place.🔧 | The Wholesaley Daily Show

Contractors 😓What do you do when they go crazy and charge you too much, do horrible work and just plain make a mess of things.

Do you fire them?

How many chances do you give them?

Firing Contractors Or Better Yet How To Avoid Getting To That Place











In Today’s Episode We Talk About:

– How many strikes to give contractors before you Fire them…

– How to make sure they do the work they are supposed to.

– The best practice to keep track of what they are doing and keep them on track to finish projects.

– Version 3.0 of the way we pay them (And it’s not what you think..)

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Tune Into Today’s Episode for a classic Wholesale Daily show with Dustin, Josh, and Cory!

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