Figuring Out Rehab Costs For Dummies

We get this question ALL the time. And it’s a big problem for some people who just don’t know how to figure it out.

Well not anymore!

One of the things you’ll catch on the replay of our recent training was a bit on this, but I knew that you would want to see more.

There is some VERY key information that is needed and I told Josh that he HAD to create a video about it, becuase I knew it would mean a lot to you.

So here it is:

This is a snow filled video where Josh will take you through our very simple, but effective method for figuring out how to determine the rehab costs for a property.

Let me make this clear – we’ve never shared this in a blog post before, or in a video, so PLEASE watch it and take notes.

This is the stuff that you won’t learn without years of hard earned experience.

Don’t forget to give josh some love on Youtube if you found it helpful by commenting below the video, and share it if you feel someone could benefit from it.

Talk soon,

Dustin Hahn

PS: There’s a cool little math section where Josh breaks down how he figures out the rehab cost and how to determine if it’s a good purchase or not. Look out for that part 🙂

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