EP014:❓Buying & Owning Property For $20? Is It The Hard Truth Or A Stone Cold LIE?? | The Wholesaley Daily Show

Have you heard of the myths of buying property for under $100…heck even for $20?

Well in today’s episode we touch on that myth and show you the TRUTH Behind it and how you can take action on it.

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In Today’s Episode, We’ll Discuss:

– The system of real estate that allows you to own a property at a HUGE Discount…

– Exactly where to start if you want to start finding these properties

– How we can learn a thing or 2 from Doctors who go to School for 8 Years.

– How to “Practice” real estate starting today, so you can get further along if you’re just starting out!

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Tune Into Today’s Episode for a classic Wholesale Daily show with Dustin, Josh, and Cory!

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