EP012: 🏡 Closing Inspections! What makes a good inspection? What makes a bad one? What Do You Do? | The Wholesale Daily Show

🏡 Why Do Inspections always go so HORRIBLY? What makes a good inspection? What makes a bad one?

How can you make sure that you cover all the bases when hiring an inspector, or heck, even making sure your contractors are doing their jobs?

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Here are some Key Things We’ll Discuss:

– The different types of inspections, whether you’re wholesaling or fix N flipping.

– The 8-10 things that you REALLY need to have an eye out for to make sure you sell that house.

– Why bank inspectors are meticulous and why you should find one to inspect your properties…

– Just how much a realtor can affect your business in a negative way.

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Tune Into Today’s Episode for a classic Wholesale Daily show with Dustin, Josh, and Cory!

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