Does It NOT Hurt Enough For Change?

Has there ever been something that you wanted, but you didn’t want it bad enough to actually do something about it?

I know there is many times that I see a pretty fancy car driving down the street, (and I’m talking really fancy…) and part of me wants it, but another part doesn’t really have the drive to actually GO and see what it would take to get it..

And I know for a fact that in Real Estate, and in Tax Liens & Deeds, sometimes we can think we want something, but we don’t actually have the courage to go after it…

And often, I hear stories of people that attend Real Estate workshops, and get all the information they could ever need to actually go out and start doing real estate, and then they end up going to 5-6 more workshops, hoping that they will FINALLY get the information and motivation they need to succeed.

In reality, they know exactly what they need to do, it just doesn’t hurt enough yet to actually take the steps forward

You have what it takes to succeed in this business – you don’t need any other 5k Real Estate training program that is outdated, and barely legal… you just need a push. And that’s exactly what I’m here to give you.

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