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From the desk of:
Dustin Hahn
Vancouver, Canada

I know how tough it is to start something new.

You’re working hard, grinding away at the 9-5, making that paycheck just barely scraping by with all those weekly expenses and bills.

I get it.

I’ve been there before. And it sucks.

I’ve done the time too. Worked the freezing cold, life threatening oil fields of Alberta, Canada for many years… and nearly died 2 times just trying to earn a paycheck to keep me from complete misery.

I know what it’s like to just scrape by.

I know what it’s like, waking up, it’s 4 AM and you’re about if you’ve got enough change in the bank to buy some kraft dinner for my next meal…

… maybe even some tuna to add in to “fancy” it up.

It’s not FUN living like that.

And I don’t wish that fate on anybody.

Yet, there’s a little secret I want to tell you…

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Here’s how it’s supposed to be.

You and I both need predictable income that we can count on coming in over and above your expenses every month… aka living stress free.


You’re probably thinking, “THANKS! CAPTAIN OBVIOUS!!!!

But stay with me here. I’m getting to something.

One of the biggest troubles you’ll face when getting into Tax Liens & deeds, and investing in real estate is finding the time to start, or devote any amount of time to anything outside of your busy work schedule.

How do I know this. Because I was there too.

I remember thinking so clearly, “How am I ever supposed to get out of this never ending cycle of work, sleep, eat, pay bills, work, sleep, eat pay bills etc…It just doesn’t seem possible.”

And it all seemed so very hopeless.

And if I can guess at what you’re thinking, I imagine you believe that there is nothing out there that could help you reach that ever blissful state of actually having money in the bank…

Well.. There wasn’t.

There wasn’t anything for me back when I was struggling to pay rent and eat decent meals.

But of course the heavens opened up, and after dying, I had my AHA moment, and I knew I had to change all that and flip this cycle of pain and misery on it’s head…

This was the path that changed everything for me.

That path changed the way I did real estate….

That path changed everything for my career, and gave me the freedom I wanted in my life, and in my life.

That path led me down the road of tax liens & deeds and eventually breaking out of the J.O.B (Just Over Broke) that help me captive.

And I did it.

I beat the system.

I broke free. And then it dawned on me…

I KNEW I had to share these secrets with  the very few people who were extremely interested in changing their life, and getting to that place of peacefulness

Now, that was almost 5 years ago now, and since then I’ve been developed this model even further, working out the kinks, and preparing it for this moment right now.

Let me introduce you to the

The Total Freedom Business Monthly!

This training program is flipping the real estate industry on it’s head, and I want you to be a part of its foundation.

We’ve field tested the strategies in this program and they will completely eliminate any excuse you have for not making money in Real Estate.

I’m going to get 93% of your business built FOR YOU, (for about $2/hr) and you’re going to be able to sit back and focus on the $1,000 – $5,000 an hour work that will bring you the most profits.

Here’s What You’re Getting Every Month As A Total Freedom Business Member:

  • Every month you’ll receive detailed step by step videos on how to set up and greatly improve your business area where you’ll get your superstar to build your business for you while you are at work.
  • You’ll get members only Bi-Monthly LIVE Coaching Calls where you’ll get to hop on the conference video line with Dustin Hahn and any other special guests, where we’ll go over the hottest real estate trends, and you’ll get to spend 1 on 1 time with Dustin, get our questions answered, or at the very least listen in on what’s going on and learn from others experiences..
  • Get to be featured on our monthly hotseat and go over your business and questions 1 on 1, getting your specific questions solved.
  • Our Exclusive TFB ZIP Disk Sent to your door every Month! (With Exclusive SUPERSTAR trainings and other goodies!)
  • The Superstar Fundamentals Package including everything above and a special AUCTION SECRETS NOW! Newsletter…
  • In this special newsletter you’ll receive in the mail, you’ll get the perfect Tax Deed auction starter kit, with exercises and sample lists, spreadsheets and everything else to prepare you for your first tax deed auction!
  • Our Real Estate Success Monthly newsletter sent to you every month revealing cutting edge Real Estate Strategies that are working today!
  • Your Own Private TFB Facebook group to network with us and like minded investors!
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  • And so much more… Brand new videos and trainings EVERY MONTH!

This is the Power of The Total Freedom Business Monthly….

Being a member is like living in our office and having me personally showing you exactly what’s working right now in real estate.

We’re doing this stuff …every single day, with at least 4 auctions a month (And sometimes 4 a week…)

So we know our stuff, and can cover MUCH more ground than anyone else can on their own!

You get to stay in constant contact with me and your fellow members …and you’re always updated on ONLY what’s important: PLACES AND WAY TO INVEST THAT MAKE YOU MONEY.

It’s like having an entire community of super-sharp like minded real estate investors and entrepreneurs in your corner …looking out for you and helping you at every turn.

There’s a reason we hit 3-4 tax sales a week… It’s to find the best places to invest, and then passing that knowledge onto you, we can share in the beauty of building a real estate investing empire…

… and creating lives that dream lifestyle, however that looks to you.

This program is basically

A Real Estate Business In A Box – Delivered Straight To Your Doorstep!

Every month, you get the superstar trainings, documents we’ve found helpful that month, and extra motivational and tax lien & Deed training for a fully customizable and deployable real estate business and strategies you can test in your investing.

Plus, you a get hard drive with videos of Dustin, Josh and Cory personally showing you how to use this info to grow your business FAST.

Look Over My Shoulder “Real Estate Secrets! NOW! ” Newsletter

Every month, you get a printed newsletter mailed right to your doorstep where Dustin personally walks you through everything that’s working in our Tax Lien & Deed business that month. You see the information we’ve used, the ways we’re selling properties, the emails, essentially everything!

It’s like working in the office with us side-by-side every month and watching the action first hand …and then having Dustin personally helping you implement.

Implementation Videos/Superstar Training Videos

Every month, you also get a hard drive with videos of Dustin/Josh/Cory personally walking you through all of that month’s successful real estate adventures …and personally showing yow how to model them in your business NOW.

It’s like having them talk to you 1 on 1 and share all their best little secrets.

You’ll also get a copy of your Superstar Training for the month as well, just so you can review it and store it for later training purposes!

Member’s Only Private “Total Freedom Real Estate Lab”

Connect with fellow members around the world and share what’s working best for you …while they share what’s working best for them! All easily accessed on Facebook!

See success stories evolve before your eyes, help people by sharing your expertise, and get help from an amazing group of like-minded entrepreneurs who share the same goals as you!

Yes, Dustin! Let me into the Total Freedom Business Monthly For the Special Price of $397/month!

30 Day Guarantee

No question asked 30 day refund guaranteed. If you are unhappy for any reason, get your money back. Cancel anytime.  Rock solid guarantee… If for some reason you want to cancel the $397/month committment, you are totally welcome too! No contracts, and hidden terms. We want you in as long as you want, but you’re free to leave the community as you wish!

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