Coach Josh Reveals His 3 Most Recent Auction Secrets

Every month, we go to 1 or 2 auctions across the US….But not last month.

Last month, we expanded out to 5 Auctions in 30 days.

And boy oh boy, did we learn a few things on the way….Click the pic to find out what we learned…

It’s no ordinary feat to successfully attend 5 auction in 30 days. There are flights to arrange, hotels to book, cars to rent, people to get in contact with….

It’s a lot, but that didn’t stop Coach Josh from absolutely crushing it last month.

In fact, he was pumped because he knew he could help YOU learn from such a wild experience.

In today’s video, Josh shares with you the 3 KEY TAKEAWAY’s he discovered by driving over 350 Properties, bidding on over 34, and winning a high percentage of the properties we wanted at last month’s auctions.

It’s a valuable piece of Tax Deed knowledge, so make sure you check out the video above!

It’s a great one!

Dustin Hahn

PS: Josh shares a special treat at the end – so make you watch it right to the end. It’s a chance to join our team LIVE in Houston for a 3 day event, so keep an eye out for that.

And click here if you’re already curious 🙂

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