6 Tips To Build Your Buyer/Seller List

The main point of this business is to buy and sell property, and with that we need to keep building our list for buyers and sellers to keep our business rolling.

To have a prepared pool for buyers is very important so that whenever you want to sell a property it’s easy for you to do it because you already have a market.

You may ask each investor in your list what kind of property they invest in. You need also to take their pertinent information like contact number, email address, price range, the kind of property they are investing, how soon they could close, what kind of payment they prefer if it’s financing or cash, and other important information that you think it will help you make the transaction easy and fast.

Building buyers list is not that easy since you really need to allocate time, effort, and even finances just to mine for prospects, but it’s doable, and that is especially important if you’re buying tax liens and deeds, and want to offload them fast!


I know it’s not really fun and not that easy thing to do, calling people out of nowhere and asking them if they want to sell or buy a house, but it can be really great for finding not only deals, but also buyers in your area!

Adding connections through your social media accounts and start building your networks. This is CRUCIAL! Get started on this ASAP

Looking or hunting for potential investors through MLS. You’ll need a realtor friend, but you can make those by reaching out!

Create a signage that has your phone number and make sure that it’s easy to remember.

But Consider the following:

COLOR: You may use white or yellow background and should be printed professionally.
SIZE: You may use 18’ x 24’. It should be professionally printed also.
LOCATION: You may place them in an area where there’s presence of traffic, or areas that people usually pass by or take time to stay.

You need to be careful in placing bandit signs because technically they are not allowed by most city ordinances. Whenever you get a call from the city, just be very apologetic and make sure that you don’t place a sign there anymore.

This will help you squeeze an information about the possible buyer or seller. As they fill out your page for a free report or tips as a visitor, the information they provided like email or contact number will turn into a lead.

I know that internet dominates nowadays but sending direct mails will also help generate leads, especially if you’re looking for buyers or properties to get before the tax deed sale. You can pull these lists from various websites!

The process is not easy and you’ll need patience as you build your list overtime, but I’m so sure that you can get good leads and create a great business through this. Just don’t be in a hurry and keep in mind that the real estate business is a long term one.

If you need more tips about real estate investing feel free to shoot us a message, we’d love to help you!!

Talk soon,

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