3 Tricks For Investing In Tax Deeds In Philadelphia

8 properties at 1 Auction – Can you guess where it was?

I know, I’m silly.

If you guessed Philadelphia, you win! (I guess it wasn’t too hard…I sort of gave it away in the title!)

We just got back from an EPIC auction there last month, where the team picked up 8 properties from the 3 days of sales!  It was incredible! We also learned a couple of REALLY great tips that I had to share with you, and so here, once again, is Coach Josh sharing with you what he learned!

What’s cool about this auction in PA, is we basically assigned 2 properties before the day even ended and made a quick couple of thousand dollars at the auction!

That doesn’t always happen, but if you’re buying great properties, and there are other investors present, you can assign and collect a fee right off the bat – it’s incredible.

Check out today’s episode of Tax Lien TV, all about the 3 Tricks For Investing In Philly Tax Deeds right here, and we’ll talk to you soon!


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PPPS: It’s been a wild month, but we made it. We hit 4 Auctions, around 834 properties Analyzed, 13 purchases and over $260,000 spent, at around 40-50% off market value (Which leaves us in a great place profit wise!)

100% of our Students who have invested with us have made money. Not to mention, 8 out 10 students who attend an auction with us co-invest and partner. It’s wild!

PPPPS: Ok, Dustin out. Thanks for letting me go long today and for putting up with my PS’s 🙂

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