3 (+1) Tips For A Successful Tax Deed Auction (Part 3)

I’ve got another great video for you from Josh, on coach extraordinaire, who was recently at the Tax Deed Auction in Houston.

He shares with you his 3 best tips for successfully bidding on and researching/winning properties at the Tax Deed Sale. Check it out right here:

There is also a bonus tip he throws in right at the end, so don’t forget to watch the video till the end!

If you’ve started investing in Tax Deeds and haven’t been to a sale yet, or have been to a couple and feel a little stuck, then you need to make sure you watch today’s video.

He has some VERY KEY tips that could save you thousands of dollars in misspent investing.

I’m planning some very special and new videos from myself later on this week, so keep you eyes peeled for more free content coming right for your inbox!

I’ll talk to you soon!

Dustin Hahn

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